N’s loose tooth

List of things H and N tried to get N’s loose tooth out.

(Mostly in order)

(Compiled in collaboration with H and N)

  1. N’s fingers
  2. H’s fingers
  3. Floss wrapped around tooth with H pulling (this was stopped by me, much to the chagrin of them)
  4. The washcloth pull
  5. N bouncingĀ on a bouncy ball while holding on to H’s shoulders with one hand and wiggling tooth with her other hand
  6. H reading a book to N while N sat on the bouncy ball and wiggled her tooth
  7. Jumping jacks
  8. Spitting water out of mouth
  9. Smacking mouth
  10. Punching chin (I didn’t witness this one, but I’m going to assume that N punched her own mouth…?)
  11. N pushing an ice pack up and down on her face

Pop quiz:

Is the tooth out?

Also, what the heck??!

(Sorry for the lack of pics. Complain to my media naranja!)