Eggs, Oz, and Being Six

Nitzi is now six. 6. She memorized the AA Milne poem on six and has been enjoying repeating it ad infinitum, much to the chagrin of her older sister who will never be six again.


When I was one I was just begun

When I was two I was still quite new

When I was three I was barely me

When I was four I was not much more

When I was five I was just alive

But now I am six and as clever as clever and I think I’ll stay six now for ever and ever.

She wanted to start her birthday day off with a run. Who was I to refuse? Here are two pictures from her birthday run last year, and two from this year.

IMG_3310 IMG_3318

IMG_9301 IMG_9300-001



We dodged raindrops with these feet. It was a wet misty day for a run and I had to run without my glasses because of it.

Uncle A and Aunt M happened to be here for N’s birthday weekend, mostly because it’s a long weekend (good planning, go us!. I begged her to decorate our homemade-with-the-boxed-help-of-Trader-Joe’s cake. I bought hippie food dye (although got weird looks when I asked for it like that in the store) (made of beet extract and turmeric extract and¬†other hippie ingredients) and Mikey mixed up the colors with the frosting we made and then Marissa made the coolest unicorn ever. See the intrepid Marissa


and what she accomplished, replete with N’s name on the side, in case we forgot whose birthday it was.

IMG_9315 IMG_9310

N invited four friends over and some of their siblings and it was the funnest mellowest birthday party ever. Mikey made bagels (YUM!) and I offered coffee with additions (kahlua or amaretto or a combo) and so we were a well-fed well-drunk (except no one was drunk) group.  Grownups got to hang out, the littlest ones played dress up and did art, and the in betweens co-read on the couch.





N’s artistic ventures are varied. Her most recent, on hardboiled eggs:

From left to right, clockwise, zebra, cat, dog, unicorn. Duh. =)

IMG_9497 IMG_9495 IMG_9494 IMG_9493


And, since apparently this post has been almost entirely about one child, I leave you with:

Dorothy, and her dog Dorothy (with pink Toto).