It’s back!

So maybe I’ve had a few requests in the past for updates, but I guess none of you rate, except the one who asked in the last few days. You know who you are…

So here ends my year and a bit hiatus from the blog.

Part of why I stopped was because I was feeling like H is old enough that it seems wrong to be writing about her. Unless I ask her first. Which maybe I should do. Or I can just not write about her. Another option.  Also, I don’t like being on the computer much. And it’s M’s job to sort pictures and star them, and he fell off the picking pictures wagon, so that’s another excuse. Also, we’re busy doing non-busy-sounding things. Like life, etc. That’s another one.

Okay, enough about that.

With our third drought year last year, there were no mushrooms to be found. This year we’ve had a bunch of rain (and expecting more as I write this) and so Z found and picked her first porcini!


N is gaining bike confidence. She went around the basketball courts about 30 times that day. She is still a bit hesitant about starting on her own though, and not ready to ride to school. (She currently either scooters or rides in the bike trailer. Unless it’s raining, because I’m a wuss.) You can see Z in the back on her “training wheel bike” which she feels great about.



So I mentioned to M that it felt like my shoe was pinching me when I was running. I figured it was some weird thing I’d never figure out. But he, ever the problem solver, took my shoe off, found a huge wrinkle in it, and ironed it. Voila! Problem fixed.20151106_204447

H had her first piano recital with her fabulous piano teacher. She played two songs, messed up, recovered without seeming fazed at all about it, and continued on. 20151107_152950

At the kids’ school they’ve been learning about immigration. They did a simulation, and here is H from that day. She was Sasha Markowitz from Russia (until she arrived in Ellis Island and her last name was shortened to Marks). Her “grandmother” died on the ship and they had to throw her into the ocean. She had to “be sick” a lot of the time, and there was also a thief who was caught on the ship, and lots of other excitement. IMG_8899

N’s class didn’t do the simulation, but they did a play about a girl who leaves her home with her mom and two brothers to meet up with her dad in America. That girl was N, and here she is.


N also had the “class pet,” Olivia for the break. She has had quite a few adventures, including sitting on an Amanita Muscaria (and getting an earring and a nose ring, both made by N but not featured here).IMG_9072

Here are Z’s “glasses” she likes to wear sometimes. They come in handy when it’s raining, and she is sure to get looks when she wears them out.IMG_8973

The kids’ cousins came to visit. Here they are coming back from looking at a dead carcass that washed up on the beach and was being pecked to bits by birds. Fun!IMG_9191