*us again*

What has been new with us, you ask? Summer, vacation, sleepaways, sleepovers, drawing, taping, stapling, running, gardening, camp, water parks, friends visiting, visiting family, family visiting, and staying up late over and over (and over).

Energetic, hungry, growing kids. Not-quite-as-tired-anymore adults, our CSA in full swing, running, racing, swimming. And cooking. Always lots of cooking. Oh, and arguing, debating, deciding, sharing, and hugging.

That’s in a nutshell.  The rest is just pictures and details.

We went to the Berkeley kite festival this year. Stayed right on the marina (in a hotel), and got to enjoy the kite festival both days, including the morning after the first day, when we went on a walk. This led to the kids finding a kite that had flown/been thrown/or otherwise made it into the water.  They climbed down the bank, spent some serious time planning their strategy, and then rescued the kite, getting marina mud all over them in the process. Undeterred, they figured out a way to make the kite fly, finding discarded string on the lawn, connecting it, and…




You can’t really see the pride on her face in these pictures, but you can read it in her body.

A few weeks before this, the two big ones went with M to the Monterey Bay Aquarium to have a sleepover. They got the place after hours, all to themselves (with a few hundred other people doing the same thing). Music, late night cookies, and sleeping bags in front of the marinelife. Apparently the tour guide liked them, so he showed them the prime sleeping spot.



Zoom forward to about two weeks ago. A quick head popping in “Can we use face paint?” A quick nod, and then, after giggles coming from the bathroom, about 30-40 minutes later, out came this:



(In case you can’t tell, they actually took the pants off of Raggedy Ann to put right on Nitzi. Then painted the rest of her legs white. Not sure why the black neck. And below, we have the proud artist, holding her work of art and her inspiration.





Then, of course, this had to follow.


More kite festival.




And family time. We got to see cousins on one side,


and more on the other.



Here is H climbing a tree that used to be M’s tree. In L.A. We also got to eat kumquats from the tree outside his old bedroom window.


And see the grandparents for a really nice visit.







And some bouncing shenanigans to make you smile.  And if the giraffes don’t lose their patches before the sun rises, maybe next time I’ll tell you about the blueberry jam M is making.