s’more morsels

Here, see some pictures. Tonya and Farley were here. Purim happened.  Sisterly love happened. Lots of other stuff happened, not all of which was caught on camera. Oh, Z turned 2. And Adam was here, too.  For some reason, all the kids seemed to associate Uncle Adam with walking on the ceiling.  So, naturally, being the fabulous uncle that he is, they were indulged.




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Can you tell how excited Z is about this cake/brownie thing? Did I mention this happened at 7am? Her birthday fell on the day I was teaching until 8pm (about the Holocaust) and the night M got to go see David Sibley (of Sibley’s bird guide) speak at the local bookstore.  The only option was pre-school birthday fun.  Then there were the presents.  The day before, her sisters shut themselves in their room for about an hour, at about 6am, with inklings of giggles and ripping tape and paper being torn. (Like the ode to Santa?)  Z got repurposed gifts and couldn’t have been happier.




The birthday hat, not so much.






I love this picture, because it’s funny, when you look at H and Z.  And then you peek over at N, and it’s hilarious.





You know you’re hardcore when you can read not one but two books by Paul Galdone simultaneously.  Mmm hmmm, yep.  That’s right.

N ran another 1k today. H opted out so that she could run her very first 5k with me! It was a beautiful run and really fun to run/walk with her. She started out strong but not too fast, and was really good at listening to her body and knowing when she should walk for a bit.  She finished in 40:17 (I think) and was proud as a peacock. (Not really. She was actually tired. Until M told her he’d take her to the pool, and then she perked right up.)  We didn’t think it made sense that the race powers that be thought there should be 5 year age groups 14 and up, and then lump everyone under 14 into one category.  Umm, hello?!

Okay, for those of you who like lots of pictures and few words, you’re in luck today, because I’m not feeling wordy.

Last ones, back from when we still knew what rain was …

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